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Driving to your new tomorrow

Your change is our business. Niki believes in making your vision and goals a reality, and she knows just how to do that. She helps you plan and drive change for a targeted project or complex programs. She's flexible, smart and industry agnostic. 

Your quest to fulfill your vision is matched only by her determination to get you there.

Niki's clients are small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits who've set out to change their world.  Whether you're growing, implementing technology, or defining your workforce of the future, if you have a need, let's talk it through.  

Our approach

Every company and organization can arrive at their new tomorrow. Niki empowers the leaders and teams behind the change to drive an impactful and meaningful change journey.

She's prepared to help you at any level, from impartial advice or practical assistance to help you make the most of every opportunity. 

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Niki is a respected expert in Change Management, Business Transformation, Knowledge Management, Organizational Design and Effectiveness with success of 30+ large-scale programs. Niki thrives on sharing her experiences and knowledge to help you and your organization arrive and achieve peak performance. 

Why clients love working with Niki

Insights and practical experience – has been there

Innovative thinking – not cookie cutter​

Global experience working on some of the most complex issues of the fortune 1,000

Unwavering commitment to client success

Delivers real value – measurable results

Respected expert with 20 years consulting experience

It's Time for Change: 6 Tips to Make Your Programs Succeed

Published in Smart Business Magazine

Change Management Checklist

Complementary Download

Overcome change failure. Help ensure your program's success by using this checklist to determine if you've taken the necessary actions. 



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Niki is here to help and loves challenges. Whether your project’s underway or just about to get started, large-scale or focused, if you need help, let’s talk it through. 


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